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Analysis of Structure & Dynamics


A Scanner by NIKON
Series of dynamic response analyses verified by measurements and monitoring lab to ensure proper production process.
This machine produces the semi-conductors that build an Intel computer processors.
The process is highly involved with dynamical activity that must be very quickly decayed and damped to close to zero (accuracy of 5 nanometers) to ensure proper production.

nikon X6 scanner nikon X6 scanner
nikon X6 scannernikon X6 scanner

Trackers are special equipment that track the sun position to enable an optimal layout of solar energy panels.
Dynamic analyses simulate the kinetic and motion to reduce to minimum vibrations that interrupt with the production integrity.


Even Keisar
Vibrations Isolation of a production line machines that produce artificial marble via large and heavy vibration plates.
Conducting dynamic response analyses. Offer an approved isolation system to prevent ground carrying vibrations toward neighbor buildings.


A plastic gear – Eral-Mold
Analyses for the mechanical plastic gear via a complete simulation of the kinematics of all rotating and moving parts and elements.

FE model - plastic gearFE model - plastic gear
under rotationunder rotation

Arkal – large water filters.
Analyses for a whole process of bi-directional water flow inducing high pressure scenarios. Two material versions – metallic and composite materials.
FE model - general viewFE model - general view
FE model - inside filter plateFE model - inside filter plate

Keter Plastics.
Structural analyses to simulate mechanical response under relevant loading cases of chairs, shelves, garden storage and vehicle ramp. All made of polyurethane of certain relevant strength and stiffness. 






keter-garden shed


keter-car ramp


Structural analyses on the structure of a printing drum made of composite materials prone to rotation, temperature gradient and other mechanical loading.


Rav-Bariach – shelter windows.
Analyses and simulation of charge blast near shelter windows. Pre-test simulation and comparisons with results.

blast testblast test
FE model - Blast over RAV-BARIACH shelter windowFE model - Blast over RAV-BARIACH shelter window

Mega T
Analyses of fork-lift wheels – rubber tires consist of 3 types rubber layers and internal reinforcing steel rings.


Analyses for an optical equipment to prevent relative displacements between cameras and projectors – required accuracy of appx. 2 microns.


Analyses of a joint attachment of large diameter water hoses under large pressure.


Analyses on water pumping equipment at various deep ranges.


Taamal Mizra
Fast dynamic response analysis of a colliding vehicle with a barrier.


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