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Maha Nakhon
A commercial+Hotel+Appartments 320 meters high building in Bangkok
Co-structural design with a local Thai office.
Explosions near buildings.
Simulation analyses for the effects of explosion on buildings. It's influence on all structural members including shelter rooms
Beer Sheva Stadium
Structural design of football stadium at Beer Sheva.
east backeast back
west backwest back
south backsouth back
Celcom Building
Structural design of Cellolar company, Celcom, at Poleg.
Inc. Concrete, Steel, Prestress concrete.
south backsouth back
celcom buildingcelcom building
Museum Building Pedestrian Bridge.
Design of a 125 meters long pedestrian bridge. Including vibration control via dynamic simulation analysis.
free vibrationsfree vibrations
Ichilov Hospital pedestrian bridges.
Design of 5 internal pedestrian bridges in the cardiology building. Spans up to 17 meters in a curled shape.
ichilov bridgesichilov bridges
FE modelFE model

Unbonded post tension prestressed concrete.
Design of over 2,000,000 square meters of unbonded post tensioned prestress slabs.


Bonded (Grouted) post tension elements.
Design of grouted/bonded post tension prestressed elements. Beams, Bridge elements, transfer floors etc.

Retrofit of concrete structures with CFRP
Design of strengthening and retrofits of concrete structures with CFRP strips and meshes. Columns, slabs, beams etc. 
Spiral glass stairs
Design and dynamic analysis of spiral glass stairs in the Museum Building in Tel Aviv.
Build on sink holes: Sewage Delivery plant
Development of building methodology over sink holes in the Dead Sea area.
A regional sewage delivery plant in a certain sink hole area.
Psagot Halaha ONE
Design of 34 stories building in a unique triangular shape.
FE modelFE model
Elevators shuttle – 130 meters high steel structure  
Design of a 130 meters high steel structure that serves as a rapid elevators shuttle next to an existing governmental building in Tel Aviv.
Sheet Pile Walls
Design of hundreds of meters of temporary and permanent sheet pile walls.
Scaffolding systems for tunnels.
Design of numerous scaffolding systems for tunnels made in different methods.
Seismic Analyses for existing buildings and redesign under the regulations of TAMA 38.

Bavli 44
A routine TAMA38 project that includes: the approval of failure of the existing building under seismic loading, design of earthquake oriented strengthening and additional one and a half levels.

Haroe 8 Ramat-Gan
Design in the framework of TAMA38 including the addition of a new underground parking lot under the entire project using a new transfer floor that emanates the building and cancels entirely the existing foundation system.
Bavli 44Bavli 44
Structural vibrations
Analysis of dynamical response of buildings.
Dynamic response to activity that is conducted by users and equipment.
Dynamic measurements and monitoring of vibrations and dynamic response.
Combine the analyses and measurements to come up with suitable solutions for the structure and human sensitivity.

Nokia stadium
Dynamic response analyses to simulate an audience activity on sport stadium tribunes.
Modification of the tribunes steel structure to sustain vibrations in terms of structural problems and vibrations sensitivity.

Nokia TribunesNokia Tribunes
GAVISH plant.
This is a plant for growth, cutting and full production of crystals.
Series of analyses and measurements were applied in order to verify the structural integrity and human sensitivity to vibrations induced by the equipment.

Cider Hagalil Visitors Center.
This building was reassigned to a dancing hall. The analyses helped in understanding the ability to withstand vibrations induced by a dancing crowd.


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