A structure is a structure is a structure

The office of Doron Shalev Engineering LTD. specializes in various fields and facets of engineering including Civil Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and Structural analyses of any type of mechanical response in the broad meaning of the concept of structure.

The office specializes in various sub fields of structural engineering such as follows:


Finite elements analysis: structural analysis at any type of geometry, material properties, loading cases and boundary conditions.

Dynamic analysis: rigid body dynamics, motion at continuum, PSD, SRS, fast dynamics, explosions, sloshing, Euler-Lagrange etc. We have the ability to provide dynamic measuring (via a collaborating lab) and to explore dynamic and vibrations behavior to conclude with ultimate solutions.

Linear and non-linear analyses: of any type – geometrical nonlinearity, material non linearity, large displacements, hyper-elastic materials etc.

Composite materials specialty: we have designed dozens of flight vehicles and industrial equipment that consists of composite materials made elements. This includes the design of retrofits for any structural application including structures in the field of Civil Engineering.

Aeroelasticity: this is a unique specialty that consists of static and dynamic aeroelasticity to provide flutter and divergence velocities as well as aeroelastic influences on aerodynamic parameters, stability of any type, aerodynamic loading etc. we have the capability to provide (via a collaborating lab) full GVT services including the relevant interpretations model synchronization.


The above described specialties are vastly applied in our office in the following fields of engineering:


Civil Engineering:

Concrete structures of any type including apartments, commercial, industrial etc.

Steel structures of any type including industrial, commercial, stadiums, sports facilities, cinemas, malls etc.

High rise buildings: over 100 meters high including a 320 meters high building in Bangkok.

Prestress concrete of any type. Over 2,000,000 of square meters of unbonded post tension slabs, grouted post tensioned major elements, pre-tensioned pre-cast elements.

 Special analyses in the field of civil engineering such as earthquake engineering, wind loading on structures, vibrations of buildings and sub-elements.

Dr. Doron Shalev is an active member in several committees that issues new and improved national standards such as earthquake loading, dynamic response, steel structures etc.



Aeronautical engineering

Design and analysis of flight vehicle structures, composite materials, dynamic response, aeroelasticity, fatigue and damage tolerance etc.

The office is involved in the design and analyses of aircrafts (manned and unmanned), missiles (up to hyper-sonic velocities) and satellites, upgrades and retrofits in existing aircrafts etc. the description of projects in the field of aeronautics is somewhat restricted due to security definitions of several types.

The major customers are Israel Aircrafts Industries, RAFAEL, Elbit, Israel Military Industries and various other manufacturers.


Industrial application:

Dynamic analyses of various types such as rigid body dynamics, dynamics in continuum, PSD, SRS, ALE etc.

Linear and non-linear analyses – geometrical, material.

Composite materials, plastics, hyper-elastic materials as rubber etc.

The office is involved in the design and analyses of various types of industrial equipment in the fields of semi-conductors, ground and maritime vehicles, electro-optical industry, printing, plastics etc.